6 Writing Tips For Comic Books

Comic books are high selling today in the book market. This is because people are embracing creativity day in day out. Writing a comic book is however a field that requires some basic tips for your book to sell. Below are 6 writing tips for comic books:

1. Enhance your passion for reading widely.

To become an excellent comic book writer, you must read everything and widely. Reading widely expands your creativity. It gives you perfect writing ideas. It is precisely a bright idea to read the works of other comic writers. See how their stories flow. Most importantly always take down notes for future reference.

2. Tell a story.

An excellent comic book has to have a flowing story. Structure your story well. Look for the best scene of your story to attract the reader in the beginning. This factor makes horror and mysterious stories best for beginners. Always engage the number of characters you will comfortably involve and make the story generally interesting. In the body, you have to have two characters whose ideologies crash emotionally and physically. You must conclude the story by making the protagonist a loser or winner towards the antagonist and explain how the hero change due to the story.

3. Characterize your work.

Make all major characters of your book to have real and believable personalities. Make them come alive and be authentic to the reader. This engages the imagination of the reader. You should think of your major characters as living beings, and they will personally write the story for you. It will make the story flow without colliding roles.

4. Use very few words.

To write good comic books, you must train yourself to use a few words. Use the words that tell the story and make it catchy. So many words may make your book just look big but lack a good, long and exciting storyline.

5. The dictionary should be your best friend.

Experts in the field of comic writing will tell you that the dictionary is the secret to good writing. By using the dictionary, you choose your words wisely and avoid words that may confuse the reader due to many meanings.

6. Use Chapters.

To make your comic book exciting and easier to read, subdivide your work into chapters. When you have a long story but divided into 7 sections, your target readers will not lack the motivation to continue.

The above tips will make you a good seller in no time.

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